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Mission Statement

To create affordable fashion timepieces that meets the highest standards of chronometric precision.

The Path to precision has been the motivating precept behind our Corporate Philosophy.
Established in 1999, Frago, Inc. parent Company of Champs & Co., Beverly, Digital Bandz and more, was created to provide customers with original high quality timepieces at wholesale prices.
We strive to provide our clients with excellent products, outstanding service and competitive pricing.
For many years, Frago Inc. has developed timepieces whose functions go beyond telling time. Each watch is assembled with scrupulous attention to detail.
Our Strategy, quickly led our Company to success. Today, we service a vast network of distributors in North America. An enterprising spirit, attention to detail and willingness to innovate, will always be reflected in our unique pieces. Our Company embodies a relentless quest for mastery, expertise and imagination.
We hope your enjoy your new watch!